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Only seen here in eye-c-you and no where else.


“Oh LaLa”, a special virtual dating  feature will soon come here on this platform. But please , let’s not catch fire first before dating even starts


This is the place where we are going see who got hitched, who got caught cheating, who dump who and why, and who  will steal who from who after a beak-up or who will keep their current “love partner”

Now click here on >>> cheater’s page to see if your current dating partner is on this t list.  Oh, relax a little ( coming soon) 

Oh My. yes, we got a page  drama coming soon, just hold your horses for now…Still working behind the scenes to bring all features for the eye-c-you dating platform. If in rush for real online dating, visit  Karressme.com , our new dating website with thousands of prospective dates waiting to be invited on real dates

In the meantime, do not hesitate to post below:


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