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Daily quotes, Messages & Gossips

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13 thoughts on “Daily quotes, Messages & Gossips”

  1. eyecyou2020 avatar eyecyou2020 says:

    No Trees can grow without its roots, the same implies for eye-you.com. The site cannot grow without the public and its members. Come and sign up to help eye-cyou.com grow and entertain the world as you all would soon enjoy to be on this new platform… Thank you in advance for your support.

    1. Rich007 avatar Rich007 says:

      That’s a fact

  2. eyecyou2020 avatar eyecyou2020 says:

    It’s thanksgiving holidays coming in a day or so, and I know we all want to enjoy a little since we been locked up for a while because of coronaVirus. While i want to wish you all a happy turkey day with your families & friends, i also wanted to remind you all about the spread of COVID-19 while you may visit others you have not seen for so long. So, on the note , i want you all stay safe by doing all the necessary possible to follow all the guidelines the experts been telling us to follow. Thank you and stay safe so that you could enjoy your turkey.

    1. Julie21 avatar Julie21 says:

      well said💫

  3. Domini avatar Domini says:

    Facts are facts even when you don’t believe it. Thank you for the positive messages. Please people, wear your mask , wash hands , keep your distance and more importantly stay safe.

  4. eyecyou2020 avatar eyecyou2020 says:

    Whatever you did yesterday was the past, no matter how bad or great it was,Let’s focus on today & tomorrow’s future.???

  5. eyecyou2020 avatar eyecyou2020 says:

    Love is one of the greatest emotion within the human’s mind, body & sole. Yet , some of us
    take that emotion for granted and use it for all sort of the wrong reasons, except for the true feeling of love itself. No wonder most of use can never have a lasting relationship.

  6. Domini avatar Marie D U. says:

    Just wanted to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR . Hopefully things will get better for us all in dealing with this pandemic. My wishes are to excel in everything that is coming my way.

  7. eyecyou2020 avatar L. U. says:

    As we all know that LOVE❤ is always stronger than Hate.
    It’s a New day in America today January 20th 2021. The newly President-elect of the United States Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris (elect)
    Assuming office
    January 20, 2021
    Succeeding Donald Trump
    47th Vice President of the United States
    In office. ?

  8. Shany_Sis avatar Shany_Sis says:

    Glad to be on board where Love is all we share on this New platform???

  9. Mr.Lex avatar Lex U. says:

    i am down with good vibes, positivity is my thing

  10. Mr.Lex avatar Mr.Lex says:

    just checking to see whats up

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