Family member (date invite )

Coming soon are more features for the fun game we all could relate to while the pandemic has sequestered us from seeing our love ones as we used to. “The Love Game “ is created by Lexces Ulysse , founder of . is going to be the platform where young kids and young adults gonna have the pleasure to interact with all their family members.

And from the family package of “The Love game” , not only we’ll be able to invite our Brothers, Sisters, Moms & Dads onto a virtual date such as taking them for a Broadway play, go see a movie, take them to their favorite restaurants or take them on a cruise etc.. Parents will be able to monitor all their young’s one ativities on this digital platform. All will be done VIRTUALLY right here by choosing the options on the game platform. But they must have an account created on platform or simply invite them by email on the form below right here on this page .

Anyhow, just so that I don’t reveal too much before the game begins , the best way to find out how it works is by clicking on every link you find on the page and see where it takes you or what action you must take. FYI, we are as social as all the other medias , so you still can post pictures, upload videos , post comment and share stuff with this new community while waiting for the full fledge of “the love game”

While we are still working behind the scene to bring you all the fun stuff.🥰 you could, in the meantime, search in the DIRECTORY to see if you see  family members or friends you want to invite to play the virtual game with or simply fill out the form below to start invite people


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