Choose below the kind of Date you wish to initiate in the category below

The Love Game “ has 3 Levels & 3 categories(1-  Family date invite ) … (2- Friend’s date invite) ...( 3rd – Lovers Date invite only ) and each of them has its own twists and turns to navigate through  without  getting dumped by your game partner or you ended up  breaking up with him/her  before  even reaching  the  second Level as we get caught up in the RULES ON THE CHEATER’S PAGE of the game.

Below are the 3 levels we’ll be competing in to demonstrate the type person we are, had you been in a real or serious relationship with him/her. Obviously, we all know that before any type of friendship takes place or shape between two people they have to get to know one another first. This is where (Level 1)

(VIRTUAL  DATING )   takes place

After Dating for a while and feel comfortable enough with each other, Feelings became so strong & tasty that we want to take our relationships to the next level. Oh Yeah ! time to propose…get your engagement ring by clicking on the link below.

VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENT (the love game)

Will he/she say YES or No?

Not ready for commitment.

Maybe some other time.

Or He/she is not into you….

VIRTUAL Engagement ( The Love Game ) begins.

Because some people tend to stay engaged for a while in their relationship before taking the big leap to make it a commitment for life, well ! In “The Love Game” we change that as often we know that the longer you stay engaged, the less likely the wedding will take place. For that reason, your virtual wedding is scheduled for few months after taking being engaged. This is when  our

VIRTUAL MATRIMONY ( The Love Game ) begins.

Now that we wed, but what does exactly Marriage means to both of you?

In the ancient time we knew  that Marriage was the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. Well, that was back in the days. Nowadays things have changed as the rules of Marriage can be the union between two of the same sex persons, regardless of men & women. Also
followed by all these rules, we must commit to love one another at its core, and we must also commit to
Sexual Faithfulness as the same as equal rights. …Oh boy! Yes, this where the challenge comes
you must have
Patience & be able to Forgive


We are working behind the scene to bring all the game features as soon as possible . ( SIGN-UP NOW )

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    Just a little patience and all features for the game will soon uploaded here💥💞💥

  2. L💖ve avatar eyecyou2020 says:

    love game coming very soon, hold your horses for a little more. Thank you

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