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Here are the following terms and services for our website: eye-c-you.com

1. *Liability limitation*: The website is not liable for damages or losses resulting from the use of the site.

2. *Content ownership*: The website owns all content, including images, text, and intellectual property.

3. *User conduct*: Users agree to use the site responsibly and refrain from harmful or illegal activities.

4. *Privacy policy*: The website’s policy for collecting, using, and protecting user data.

5. *Terms of use*: Rules for using the site, including permitted and prohibited activities.

6. *Disclaimer of warranties*: The site is provided “as is,” without warranties or guarantees.

7. *Governing law*: The laws of which country or state will govern any disputes or claims.

8. *Entire agreement*: The disclaimer constitutes the entire agreement between the user and the website.

9. *Changes to terms*: The website reserves the right to update or modify the disclaimer at any time.

10. *Contact information*: Details for contacting the website regarding questions or concerns should be directed to the contactus@eye-c-you.com email

By accepting all the terms & service on eye-c-you.com, you also agree to accept our conditions and services in order to create an account on our website. First, you must not give fake ages or chose any derogatory username to create an account on our website. You must be 13 years old and over to use our website. Please be respectful in every way, manners or form while using our website or your account could be suspended or even deleted completely if reported for abuse, hates, bullying and racism. Should you fail to comply with our rules of engagement on this platform? Eye-c-you.com admin team will first ban your account for a duration of time, and depend on degree of the violation, your account may be reactivated or deleted completely without further notice with all your contents. We thank you all in advance for your curtesy and wish you all a happy surfing.

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